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Mother’s Day weekend 2014: trips to the park, Mexican food, Pilates class with my mom, book shopping, waffle-making, conversation, gifts, both handmade and the stunning necklace I’ve coveted from my store for the past six months.

I rarely pull out our big camera these days but I want to take more pictures of family. I want to print them and put them in albums and look at them for years to come when I’m having trouble remembering these moments.

I’m grateful for the way my relationship with my parents becomes more open and honest with each passing year. There is no judgment, only a deeper understanding for what our lives really were and are. I have been blessed with so many women who are beautiful inside and out- my mom, my stepmom, my mother-in-law, sister, stepsisters, sisters-in-law, aunts…the list goes on. It’s a sisterhood that has taught me so much about the woman I am trying to be and I’m very grateful for that, especially as I raise a young woman of my own. Motherhood is something I still feel like I make up day by day, but when I’m doubting my instincts, I turn to these women to learn from them.

Happy day, happy weekend. Hope yours was as well!

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*the shots are a little blown out but I appear to have lost my edition of Photoshop, so oh well!


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  1. karina // curate the day May 14, 2014 at 5:20 am #

    Great pictures! N is getting so big and you all look so much alike. Glad you had a happy day.

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