Our Weekly Menu (on a Tuesday)


As is typical, I’m running a bit behind schedule posting this. J and I are trying our best to save money and stick to a strict(er) budget, and one area where we realized we spend way too much money is on food. Our grocery bill is staggering, especially when you add in Costco and Trader Joe’s runs. Planning our meals a week in advance and then cooking from our refrigerator and pantry more efficiently should make a difference. We’ll see! If you have any money-saving tips, I’m all ears.

Monday: Cinco de Mayo, so Crispy Black Bean and Feta Tacos with margaritas, of course!

Tuesday: dinner out with the ladies

Wednesday: Asian Chicken Thighs over rice with bok choy

Thursday: Pasta with Cauliflower, Walnuts and Feta; arugula and pear salad

Friday: Dinner by Vetted Table at my big work event, Booked for the Evening (It’s not too late to buy tickets if you’re in San Diego! Should be an amazing night!)

And a few extra things I’ll be making:

Fresh Mint Iced Coffee  (photo above) to replace the pricey Roast Coach habit I’ve fallen into

Another Orangette granola recipe that is sure to become a weekly staple

Gluten Free Granola Bars from The Ma Books (lovely new blog)

Plus a cookbook I am definitely buying, the pleasure of eating alone (one thing I miss so much since I stopped traveling for work!!) and a totally comprehensive look at weekly meal planning that’s basically my goal, once I become a much, much more organized person ;)

And maybe one more cocktail. Who can resist a Blood Orange and Thyme Paloma?!

What are you cooking these days? I’d love to hear!


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5 Responses to Our Weekly Menu (on a Tuesday)

  1. Anita May 6, 2014 at 6:10 pm #

    Love this! We have stuck to a list when grocery shopping since early in our marriage. It saved us lots of money and prevented wasting food. It also kept me from getting takeout or eating out way too often. I save that for Saturday and look forward to it all week :) My mom is amazing and is a pantry and fridge Macgyver and always seems to be able to whip up things with whatever she has on hand. I don’t have the creativity or mental energy after working all day. This week we planned out salmon (with the yummy marinade you once made us) with baby bokchoy and mashed potatoes, two nights of chicken (Greek yogurt marinade) gyros and taboule salad (Yay for leftovers!), veggie burger melts with corn and grilled vegetables, mini cheeseburgers with grilled vegetables (spread those across two nights), and chicken fajitas (I usually do one easy Mexican meal a week). I serve salad every night. Haha, you’d either be creeped out or very flattered my how much of what you post gets cooked around here :)

    • Erin May 11, 2014 at 3:08 pm #

      Flattered :) And you probably remember what I post about- I forget and then never make many of these things again!! Love the idea of trying to make more things that I can use over 2 nights- the only thing I ever think of like that is lasagna which is not exactly healthy!

  2. Anita May 6, 2014 at 6:13 pm #

    P.S. Please excuse my punctuation mistakes, etc. I’m typing this one-handed on my phone while working in the kitchen of course!

  3. Jen May 7, 2014 at 1:09 pm #

    Those all look great! One thing we have done (to save money and make room in our pantry) is to try and only buy veggies/meat at the start of the week and then make do with what we have in our pantry. Our pantry is always so full of grains, pastas, dried fruit and nuts. I do the same with making granola. I found I was constantly buying nuts and dried ingredients when really any dried fruit and nuts mixed with the right amount of wet ingredients makes great granola. Lastly, substituting in eggs for meats/seafood has been very economical. Add a poached egg to salad, fried eggs to roasted veggies and sometimes we eat scrambled eggs for dinner with veggies and chopped pancetta or breakfast burritos (if Jesse is making dinner). Get some chickens in that massive yard of yours too and you can have free eggs all the time :)

    • Erin May 11, 2014 at 3:06 pm #

      Heck no to the chickens! But you’re dead on- we have so much in our pantry we don’t use, especially tiny bags of nuts and stuff like that. And I love putting an egg on everything. Will try to remember that more.

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