Kids’ Choice Day

kids family photos november

I took today off to spend time with these two goofballs, since their schools are closed in honor of Veteran’s Day. This is a big step for me, sadly: using a vacation day and letting the kids call the shots, rather than attempting to work while keeping them occupied. So far, the day started at 5:53 am (damn you, Daylight Savings Time!) and we’ve already watched “Cinderella” and made banana pancakes. There is a train track set up on our coffee table, Thanksgiving crafting going on at the dining room table and dishes and laundry everywhere. I made the executive decision to skip working out in favor of more pajama time, a trip to a new park and possibly even a late afternoon “Wreck-it-Ralph” screening. I won’t lie, I will probably be exhausted by naptime, but it’s a treat to have a lazy day like this with my two little ones.

Happy Veteran’s Day to you all. See you back here tomorrow.

P.S. The shot above was taken just after our family photo shoot yesterday. I won’t even tell you how many trips I took to the mall for coordinated clothes, only to dress us all in primarily old stuff from our closets! But the kids smiled well enough to earn the photographer’s little prizes above (makeup for Norah and medals and a wand for Gabe, naturally).


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  1. Christine November 13, 2012 at 2:00 am #

    what a great mom you are…it’s kinda fun to think back, if my mom gave me a kids day, what that would entail? i think playing at the park or ice skating rink, having Mc D’s and watching cartoons all afternoon.

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