Outdoor Living: A Makeover in Progress

simple lovely patio

The photo above is where it all started. I read Joslyn’s post about transforming her back patio and I fell head-over-heels in love with its cozy glamour. This line jumped right out at me, “Pre-operation loungify, we never sat out there. Now, we’re out there all. the. time.” See, we also have a patio that we NEVER go on. Living in San Diego, it seems a shame that the kids would rather play indoors than spend time in our big, sunny yard. And I attempt to take my book and coffee outside every so often, just to get my vitamin D, but invariably I hasten back to the living room couch, uncomfortable and bored on our stark covered patio.

So I added “make our patio beautiful” to our summer list, and this past weekend we finally got the ball rolling. J and I stained fences, cleared out old toys, and even donated the kids’ wood playhouse, which had turned from a play spot into a hiding place for brown widow spiders. This week, I’ve been deep in online shopping mode, ordering a new outdoor rug, modern metal chairs, pillows, globe lights and floor cushions. I’m even flirting with the dream buy: a canvas teepee. I’m picturing the kids (or me) hiding out with a book, or napping on a hot summer afternoon in a little place of their own. My vision is an extension of our house, an outdoor living/dining space that is casual, colorful and inviting.

We’re on a tight budget, so sadly, I won’t be replacing our generic teak patio set, but I am planning to put my thrift store savvy to work hunting down all kinds of accessories to make the space a true outdoor living room, worthy of the coolest dinner party or the most casual afternoon lounging. Pictures to come as we make progress. (You don’t want to see it now; it’s horrible!)

Here are a few items I’m dreaming of (and a few I’ve already purchased):

outdoor patio

1 spice throw blanket

2. sparkle pillow

3. chenille pillow

4. blown glass pendant

5. canvas teepee

6. indoor/outdoor floor mat (bought this first and am basing my color palette off it)

7. stone planter

8. white Tabouret stacking chairs (bought these already to try to spice up my teak dining table)

9. mod side table

10. gold framed chalkboard

Do you have an outdoor space you use? Any features you love that I should add to our wish list? (I have been scoping out little fire pits as well!)

*top image credit Joslyn Taylor


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4 Responses to Outdoor Living: A Makeover in Progress

  1. April August 1, 2012 at 10:01 am #

    An outdoor living is my DREAM! Love the outdoor rug and the pillow colors are fab!

    One thing you may want to add (if you do not already have it) is comfy chairs. The metal chairs look cute but are probably insanely uncomfortable IRL. World Market has these awesome folding canvas chairs that recline (I bought a couple last year and they’ve held up remarkably well). I think they were $50/each and I had a coupon at the time… anyhoo, they’re low profile yet comfy and fold up to virtually nothing so you can stash them away if space becomes and issue.

    Do you ever shop Joss and Main or Overstock.com? Lots of great house / patio / garden stuff there. Or HomeGoods (which is local). :)

    • Erin August 1, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

      We do have a teak couch, though it’s not terribly comfortable, and I have a few super old school lounge chairs for the rare times I want to lay out :) Those white chairs on my picture are actually from Overstock! Can’t beat their shipping cost!

  2. Jennifer August 1, 2012 at 10:01 am #

    I bought the same rug! It was half off at Rockridge Home. They have more if you want another to fill more space. We put it up on our little sundeck off the guest room you guys will be staying in! I bought another in a different color palette for the back deck. I love all of your choices! Of course my suggestion would be more plants :) When you guys are here we should head over to Rockridge Home. They have a great outdoor selection. Can’t wait to visit your “new” patio. Although Flora will be sad to hear the house is gone :(

    • Erin August 1, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

      Can’t wait to go back to Rockridge Home! Too bad you aren’t closer. We gave the house away to a family down the street for free.

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